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Ken Rohla

President, Fresh And Alive

As a natural health educator, I need to be able to recommend accurate and comprehensive testing and advice to my clients. While not a diagnostic tool, quantum biofeedback with the QXCI SCIO in Judy's expert hands gives my clients a very clear and comprehensive understanding of stressors affecting their health, which also clarifies what other tests, therapies, foods, and supplements may be needed. Quantum biofeedback with Judy saves me money and time by giving a clearer picture of what tests, therapies, foods, and supplements to spend my time and money on. My clients can also always count on excellent advice from Judy that enhances my recommendations and those of practitioners I work with. I have used other SCIO practitioners and was not happy with the results since some did not have proper training in nutrition, holistic health, and operation of the SCIO, or they had a less effective SCIO model. With Judy I get top notch advice that is my first choice before spending money on anything else, and I recommend her highly.